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Family Portrait Time

posted 10/20/2011

I was driving around Lake Union yesterday with the leaves swirling thinking about how fall just feels good. There is all this color- everywhere! I started creating in my head a list of where the perfect place would be to make portraits. We could collect leaves in your backyard. We could rent a row boat from the Center for Wooden Boats and paddle to the middle of the lake. We could curl up on a couch and catch the day's last light. We could grab raincoats and rain boots and stomp in puddles. We could go swing on swings, ride bikes, or hang out in my studio. Give me a call. I'm booking portrait sessions for the holidays. 

My, my, how time does fly!

posted 10/09/2011

Well, to begin this entry, I must admit, I couldn't even remember how to login to my own's been that long, and after a two year absence from adding journal entries, I've decided, enough is enough. So, I unearthed my notes and after five attempts, finally got through. So where to start? Do I try and catch up on two years of photos, crazy antics, sleepless nights, and hectic days? No thanks, I think I'll just start with where we are today. Corey Rose turned six years old last week. She is a gentle girl with a wonderful imagination and a smile that spreads sunshine and warmth. She started kindergarten and is proud to walk to school everyday. Lucy and Eve are a force- a wild wind! They are each others best. They are the first each see every morning and the last, each night. They play, they sing, they run, they draw, they kick soccer balls, they put on Corey Rose's tap shoes and dance, they shine! They wear us out, but leave us laughing- either at them or ourselves. 
We seem to get through most days with a healthy dose of chaos, strong coffee, special treats, forced and voluntary alone time, and laughter. Oh, and dog hair. Danny and I went to Sweden a few weeks ago- it was wonderful- five days. Danny had to work, I had to play. We returned refreshed, not so rested, but filled with smoked fish and great memories and much needed time with each other and good friends. And so, I leave this journal here. It is fall in Seattle- our front porch has pumpkins waiting to be carved and at the end of the night- the house smells of warm sleep and steeping tea. Goodnight.

Photos: Three girls (Lucy, Corey Rose and Eve), Corey Rose is 6, First Day of K, Lucy in her new cape, Eve and Henry, Eve and Lucy

Six months ago

posted 07/16/2009

Six months and one day ago I had two babies still in my tummy. Today they are half a year old- plump like dumplings. Corey Rose calls them smiley birds. They crinkle their noses when they giggle. Lucy is more of the social, go with the flow kind of girl and Eve is a bit shy. They hold each other hands when they drink mama milk reaching out for one another, one hand sliding round the other's wrist and then back and forth. Until someone's eye gets poked. We are eating peas and greens from our garden and today Danny and Corey Rose picked the first tomato of the season. Danny grew 'em from seed- and now, the hot days have turned the first of what we hope to be many, red. Such a distinct taste of summer. So today, to celebrate the girls' 182.5 days on earth, they ate pureed carrots and we scooped ice cream on blueberry cobbler and raised our glasses. To life!