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Today is June 10, 2016

posted 06/11/2016

Today is June 10, 2016.
This week feels historic.

A woman stands on the brink of becoming President of the United States. She is not perfect. But she is experienced and can lead a nation with intelligence and decency. She can be a model for a country that needs them.

I am moved by the strength and bravery of a young woman from California who confronted not only the rapist who assaulted her but confronted the entire world.

This could have been me. This could be my child.

I walk down the street and I see her everywhere. She is at my corner. I want to protect her and I want to encourage her strength and her power. I want her to know that she made me cry. She made me proud. And she made me angry with the culture that dominates my everyday. She makes me want to do something to change that culture.

One in five women on college campuses are assaulted. The Vice President of the United States of America wrote that statistic this week in an open letter “To A Courageous Young Woman”. One out of five women. Infuriating. Incredible. Incomprehensible. My knees buckle, and I can’t catch my breath. This has to stop. Everywhere.

I am raising three girls. I teach them to look both ways and even over their shoulder when crossing the street. I teach them how to engage in the world. I tell them every day that they matter. That they are important. That their voices, their opinions, their ideas are important. They will know right from wrong. What I find so very sad is that I have to teach my children that there are people out there that will hurt them. How does a parent say to her child, “There are good people in the world, but there are shitheads who will hurt you. You must know that is absolutely wrong.” The fact that we have to say this makes me angry and sad.

My eldest is now 10- strong and confidant. Smiles easily. Still plays with stuffed animals, builds imaginary worlds with her sisters, plays soccer with all her might. But she will change. It is inevitable. At times I wish she would stay 10 forever. But her body will change. Her habits and her desires will change. And as she and other girls begin a journey to adulthood, we must continue to remind each of them that they important. That their voices, their opinions, their desires, their hopes and dreams, fears and concerns…they all matter. Each of them has this inside of them. They will be the ones that walk alone on the street to school. They will be scientists, athletes, veterinarians, teachers, writers, artists, parents, presidents.

When I look at them I feel encouraged.

Thank you, Courageous Young Women.

Corey, 2016, from the upcoming photo series, Double Digits

Rose Colored Glass- photographs and mixed media, Lighthouse Roasters, May 1-30, 2012

posted 05/02/2012

Hello Friends,
I wanted to let you all know that I have a show opening Thursday, May 3 at Lighthouse Roasters- an awesome coffee shop located in upper Fremont at 43rd and Phinney Avenue. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello. I'll be there from 4-6 pm. The show is up all month. Enjoy!

Whoosh went the wind and out went the lights and all the little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

posted 11/03/2011

A tiger, a leopard, and a turtle roamed the neighborhood looking for treats. A great fall day! The weather cooperated and pumpkins lit the street!