Julie Graber - Bio

Julie Graber is an editorial and fine art photographer based in Seattle, WA. She was a staff photographer for the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper for eleven years (1991-2002) and now freelances for newspapers, magazines, and a variety of non-profit organizations. She has shown her work in Seattle, Santa Fe, Raleigh, NC, and her hometown, Memphis, TN. Julie moved to Seattle in November 2004 with her husband, Danny Hoffman, and now spends many days photographing her growing family.

“My work focuses on people. I began photographing in the late 1980s as a way to discover neighborhoods and cultures different from my own. I wander with my camera, talking to strangers, noticing the beauty in the everyday, and am amazed at the exotic differences and the subtle similarities that coexist. I am very aware that making pictures is a privilege, a peek into a life. As I've explored other worlds, it has repeatedly brought me home. It is the secrets people whisper with their faces and in their body language that makes me look deeper into my own life and create.”

“I work with both traditional film and digital cameras in a variety of formats.”